CODIPLUG ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY C.A. is a company born at the end of the year 1984, with the main objective of designing and manufacturing the electronic equipment necessary for the operation of the different types of electric gates (sliding, swing, roll-up, barrier type for closure of urbanization, etc.) and pedestrian access to residences, keys for elevators, etc. It is also a TRADEMARK IN VENEZUELA.

Between 1984 and 2000, the main products developed were:

From the year 2000 onward, especially striking products and very functional remote control lines have been designed and developed, called:

1) LINE UNIK: PERSONALIZED ACCESS CONTROL WITH UNIQUE CODE PER USER. Each transmitter can be removed or temporarily blocked by the condominium. Great distance. Fixed frequency with “saw resonator” of 434 Mhz. Auto shutdown after 10 sec (increases battery life). Buttons of 2 colors YELLOW-BLACK are easily distinguished when used for 2 electric gates, in BLACK plastic box. IDEAL SYSTEM FOR MEDIUM or LARGE BUILDING CONDOMINIUMS.

2) LINE NOVUS2: ESPECIALLY FOR COMMON CODE FACILITIES. Excellent distance. Fixed frequency with “saw resonators” of 434 Mhz. Auto shutdown after 10 sec. SECRET code, programmable via the 2 buttons. Buttons of 2 colors RED-BLACK are easily distinguished when used for 2 electric gates, in GRAY plastic box. IDEAL FOR THE SMALL BUILDINGS OR HOUSES.

3) CLONTEX LINE: PROFESSIONAL LINE FOR DOUBLING AUTOMATIC DOORS REMOTE CONTROLS AND CAR ALARMS. It covers a large number of imported brands, many of which no longer have representation in the country. Allows the installer to have a scanner that indicates the brand and the code by simply activating the original transmitter near the detecting zone. Buttons of 2 colors RED-BLACK with yellow rubber between them, in BLACK plastic box.

In 2002, the company ventured into the IMPORT OF OPERATORS (MOTORS) FOR SLIDING DOORS, SWING DOORS, ROLL-UP, etc. This allowed "TO LINK" their electronic equipments with these electro-mechanical operators in very reliable way. A unique system of "magnetic sensors" that detects when the door is open or closed using magnets (high durability), avoiding the use of mechanical sensors, was introduced to the market. For a long time, the operators MERCU-58, MAGNE-46 AND FURY-1000 were sold in large quantities throughout all of Venezuela. However, the MAGNE-46 AND FURY-1000 operators presented a lot of maintenance needs over the years. In the search for higher reliability, in the year 2019 these two operators were substituted with the very superior FORT-1000 AND FORT-1500 operators, and the MERCU-58 was kept in the lineup. These three operators have had an excellent adoption due to their elegant and practical exterior, for their very quiet operation and for possessing well protected electronic components housed inside plastic boxes.

To date "CODIPLUG Corp" is the only manufacturer of electronic systems for automatic doors in Venezuela, with over 1600 installers using almost exclusively their systems, offering products of high quality at a very affordable price, with an excellent service and attention to warranties.